Day 164: Cruising through Canterbury

Day 164, January 19th
Boy, are we pooped! What do we do on a day after a long hike? Relax! Usually… today we opt for only “mostly” relaxing. We begin our driving a little later than normal after talking to an employer about a job prospect in Hamilton. We aren’t sure about the job, but it got us discussing all the questions about what we really want in the future. Writing about those questions and answers will have to come at a later time though, we aren’t ready to make our decisions public quite yet! (Assuming we know the answers to our own questions…)
Our journey today leads us in the direction of what is supposed to be another gorgeous glacier fed river at Rakaia Gorge. The trailhead for this walk leads us to drive over a set of twin bridges crossing the river, pretty nice bridges if you ask us! NZ loves diversity in bridge styles!
Rakaia river, sadly, wasn’t the vivid blue that we’ve grown to love, rather it was the light gray color that is indicative of glacier water that hasn’t settled yet. It didn’t help that the full sunshine made it appear even more washed out. The trail walked us up along the gorge for about forty minutes before depositing us at a semi-nice view of the upstream gorge area. Between the sunshine and the humidity trapped in the air by the trees we are walking under, this hike reminds us a little too much of hiking in Houston. From the viewpoint we aren’t super impressed following up the scenery and non-stop views we experienced yesterday at Mt. Sunday and Mt. Guy, but it is still a nice walk.
As today was intended to be a driving day, getting to the next section of activities and walks, we took our time. As Jonathan drove over a bridge he looked down and saw a pretty blue river with a bunch of cars parked on the gravel riverbed. He quickly U-turned and drove out onto the bank. The cool weather thanks to the clouds paired with a nice breeze made this an excellent location for lunch and relaxing. We sat around for a few hours as Amelia read books and Jonathan threw rocks into the river… everyone was happy.

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